Same goal keeper, same mistake, two goals, two weeks apart

I bet this guy is gona get fired. I mean come on man. Two mistakes in two weeks resulting in two goals…. You won’t keep your job with a track record like that!!

The goal keeper is Khalid Al-3askari from Riba6 football club.


Owner of Segway dies on a Segway

The owner of Segway, the balance scooter, died in a freaky accident riding his segway off a cliff.

This raises all kinds of safety issues regarding Segway’s safety.

Funny animal cross road signs

Beckham gets angry with an LA Galaxy fan

I guess you’ve heard the new rumors about David Beckham stepping out with paid hookers. Well, one LA Galaxy fan took it a bit too far with Beckham.

Watch the video to see his fierce reaction.

Roberto Cavalli pet wear collection

Pet wear can’t get better than this. Roberto Cavalli has started making fashion for our small little cute pets. Check out Cavalli’s press release:

“The collection consists of stylish pieces such as jersey or printed fleece t-shirts and velour tracksuits, as well as classic garments such as polo-shirts, sweaters and puffer jackets. Key pieces in the collection consist of a satin-trimmed bathrobe, silk printed shorts and some shearling jackets. There are also some essential accessories: the quilted dog carrier bag with patent finish and satin lining, a patent leather passport wallet, and patent collars and leashes with the “Paws” print on the reverse side. Special edition items such as bowls, beds and jewels are in the works”.

What do you think? Would you buy a Cavalli piece for your pet? Or are you like me, dress them in their birthday suit?

Jersey Shore meets Sesame St.

This is what a show would look like if you merged Jersey Shore and Sesame St. together. It’s pretty hilarious.

I don’t know what’s with me and Sesame St. these days; but their videos with Katy Perry, Will.I.Am and True Blood are very entertaining.

Check out the Sesame St. videos of Katy Perry, True Blood, and SNL Elmo spoof.

Enjoy them.

Cute “Baby Pink” cat

A vet farm found this cat with her fur dyed pink. They tried washing it out, but it wasn’t washing off easily. So they decided to wait for her fur to grow out of the color, rather than further stressing the cat by repeated baths.

Kuwait towers are Liberations towers now?!

Fox series has a weekly arabic tourisim competition, and this week it’s about Kuwait.

What’s funny is that they’re asking where Abraj elta7reer are, but they’re really mean is abraj elkwait. And Failaka island has become failakat island… Shouldn’t they have better researchers?

What’s next? Where’s the green palace mathlan, bidal elqasr ela7mar?

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