The perfect restaurant for meat lovers

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When I was in Riyadh last week, my friends insisted that I try out this delicious Brazilian BBQ restaurant. The place is called Il Terrazzo, and it’s in Al-Faisaliya Hotel.

The restaurant follows 300 year old Brazilian BBQ traditions, where they slow roast meats on huge skewers in an open fire oven, and then serve them right to your table where they cut the meat with large swords onto your plate. They keep on bringing you the meat till you get full and tell them to stop.

The meat variety is very huge, between 13-15 on any given night, hot to your table right from the BBQ grill. The meats we tried that night were deer, duck, chicken, veal, turkey, camel, hamour, shrimp, a couple of weirdly named meats, and a lot of other ones I can’t even pronounce.

Mind you, I only had the fish, shrimp, veal, chicken, turkey, and lamb. I wasn’t very sure that my stomach would be ok with the other fancy meats, so I stuck to what I like.

I’m not much of a meat eater, so I thought that I won’t enjoy my time there. I was wrong, I ended up having one of the best meals in Riyadh in that place. You get a huge fresh salad bar, soup, different meat sauces, and multiples of side dishes. The place was a success for me, and I would definitely want to go there again.

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6 Responses to The perfect restaurant for meat lovers

  1. magsx2 says:

    Looks absolutely delicious, I am a meat lover and my mouth is watering. The restaurant looks really nice, very unique in the way it is all set up. Very colourful and not blah at all.
    Fantastic pictures.

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