Top Songs for October

A short 3 minute medley of October’s top 10 hits, have fun!

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Did he really smoke pot on live TV?

It seems that Zach Galifianakis did on the “Real Time with Bill Maher show”!!

New Toilet Paper

These are great for the environment, they’re going to initially be sold exclusively at Walmart and Sam’s Club, but might expand globally after that. Way to go Kimberly Clark, this is a great step in reducing unnecessary waste.

Fresh Kuwaiti Tuna

I never knew we had fresh catch Tuna in Kuwait, I really didn’t. I don’t like Tuna at all, but if I did, I sure would want to eat it fresh out of the water, rather flown in days later from wherever it’s caught.

You can get yours fresh at Sultan Center, for KD 1.5 a kilo. But these fish are small, the biggest weighed just 2 kilos.

I also found these weird looking Egyptian fish, that I dare anyone for anything to try and eat.

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Bathroom Slippers

Sultan Center is selling some nice bathroom\home slippers, and are very very cheap. These slippers cost just KD 2.5, and are locally made in Kuwait.

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Please drive safely and buckle your kids

الله يكافينّا شر الحوادث… تكفون انتبهوا… تري لا السرعة ولا الانشغال بالتلفون يسوى… هذي أرواح أوادم

Egyptian propaganda in action

Al-Ahram newspaper photoshopped a picture of President Hussni Mubarak with the leaders of the USA, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine; where he is leading them.

This is the real picture, it clearly shows President Mubarak trailing the other leaders.


This goes out to all teenage boys