Barca Fans شماتة البرشاويين

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This post has been cancelled تم الغاء هذا البوست

Bad news for Walking Dead fans: season 1 has only 6 episodes!!

  • This sucks.
  • The hugely successful TV show, The Walking Dead, is only made up of 6 episodes.
  • It premiered in the States on Halloween (Oct 31st) and will have it’s season finale on Dec 5.
  • The show got aired in the Gulf just a week after Halloween, and so will end on Dec 12.
  • This really sucks, I have had a lot of fun and was always looking forward to watching it on Fox Series every Sunday night.

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Nawaf El-5aldi’s site hacked AGAIN

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Reminder: Victoria’s Secret shop opens today in Marina Mall

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Barca beat Real Madrid 5-0!! Watch the goals in video

Look at the frustration and shock on Real Madrid players’ faces

You can watch all of the goals over at bananaq8’s blog.

Kuwait football champ gets kicked out of his home بطل الكويت فهد العنزي ينطرد من بيته

نقلا عن جريدة الراي، فان بطل منتخب الكويت و صانع اهدافه في بطولة كاس الخليج الحالية انطرد من بيته مع عائلته و ذلك بعد ان انهت وزارة الدفاع خدمات والده فيها

According to Al-Rai newspaper, Kuwait’s football champ Fahad Al-Enezi is currently being kicked out of his house, after the M.O. Defense ended his dad’s services there.

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Sad news from Wataniya Airways

  • Wataniya Airways will stop their flights to Bahrain, Amman, Jeddah, and Damascus.
  • Frequency of flights to Dubai will also be reduced.
  • These changes will take affect from Dec 5, 2010.

This is truly sad. I don’t fly on Wataniya much, but having the airline there when making a booking adds much needed competition in terms of both service and price.

I hope this is just temporary, and that they would atleast add the Bahrain & Jeddah routes soon.