Guns N’ Roses, the Jonas Brothers, and Nelly Furtado all coming to AbuDhabi

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All concerts will be in Yas Arena in Bani Yas Island, AbuDhabi.


Heidi Klum & Seal’s amazing Halloween Costumes

Easiest way to watch movies & TV shows on iPad

  • There’s no need anymore to convert your AVI TV and Movie files to MP4 in order to play them on your iPad\iPod.
  • VLC media player for the iPad and iPod is the easiest way ever to watch your AVI TV shows and movies on your iPad or iPod.
  • You can download VLC media player directly on your iPad using the app store, or you can download it using iTunes on your computer.

  • Once you download it, connect your iPad or iPod to your computer, and iTunes will automatically turn on.
  • Once you see your iPad or iPod on iTunes, click on it, then click on the app tab.
  • From there onwards, scroll down to the end, where you’ll find that VLC is at the very bottom of the page.

  • From here onwards, all you have to do is click the add button, and choose what episode you want to add.
  • And that is it really. It’s that simple. And it’s totally free.

What really happened to Charlie Sheen

This is the short version of what happened to Charlie Sheen in a hotel room with a p***…. (feel free to complete the dots yourself).

This is the top movie for this week in the US

Saw 3D

You would never ever see me watching these kinds of movies. Life is scary enough without them!

Ronnie & Clyde

This is the talented Rihanna on SNL. It’s a bit silly in my opinion.

A very powerful Bu Nabeel w Bu Qutada

A great caricature… Even though I really really really don’t like Al-Watan!

امشي يا موضي الحمود و احنا وراك… تري ملينا من التخلف و التهديدات

Shurooq Amin’s Art Exhibition


The very well renowned artist Shurooq Amin is having an art gallery opening tomorrow at Al-Tilal complex in Shuwaikh. Shurouq is a very highly talented KUWAITI artist that has come to life in a very unhelpful time. She would have totally rocked if she was doing her art in Kuwait’s 70’s.

Never the less, ignorance or intolerance is never an excuse to not appreciate great art. Professor Shurooq is having an art exhibition today at 7 p.m. in Al-Tilal trendy complex in Shuwaikh. I know you won’t regret going there at all. Her art, her personality, her love for life is just beyond contagious.

I have always had my eyes on the above painting, and I had a special arrangement with Shurooq to buy it for a messily KD 2,000… And you know what? That same above super cool painting was sold for a whopping $28 thousand!!

Needless to say I had a broken heart, but to Shurooq I say I say kudus and to myself I say hard luck… But hey, at least I had great taste!!

I do repeat, you won’t regret going there today. She is an amazing artist, and a more amazing human being. I feel very very proud she’s a fellow Kuwaiti. You just don’t see her kind of art anymore these days.

All I have to say about Dr. Shurooq is that we totally need more of her kind in this ever increasing disgracing society. Hope to see you all there at 7.