New very popular Fast Food chain coming to town

Guess what? One of America’s most favorite fast food places is coming to Kuwait!! And it’s opening up next week in one of the most popular malls here. And no, it’s not one of the above places 😉

This new restaurant serves very popular food. And again no, it’s not another burger or fried chicken joint. It’s something else, more delicious and yummy.

I’ll give you a hint… It has one single branch in all of the Gulf region, and it’s in Dubai. Can you guess what it is?

BTW, I got an invite to taste the food, and I’m going over there tomorrow. Too bad I started my diet today. But to hell with my diet. I wana eat THAT yummy food again.


KD Cow’s new Minted Laban

My friend saw this at the supermarket, and sent me the pics. She says there is nothing at all special with the taste, and that the mint doesn’t improve the laban’s taste at all.

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Taken from New Vision’s Blog, many thanks to you dear xoxo

Amy Winehouse sings again…. with Quincy Jones

This is Amy Winehouse doing the 1960’s classic song “It’s My Party” by Lesley Gore. I think she’s either drunk or high, or both and some more. This is the song’s original 1963 version: