Meeting Jassim Ya3qoub, a childhood hero!

For anyone who grew up in the 70’s & 80’s, this is a very proud moment; meeting one of Kuwait’s Football (and childhood) legends… Jassim Ya3qoub!!

I saw him at Starbucks, and I just had to say hi. I mean, the guy is a childhood hero. Seeing him always brings back great memories of when Kuwait ruled Gulf’s football.

And guess what? He invited me (translation for I invited myself) to watch the Qadsiya vs. Syrian Itihad AFC cup final game on Saturday, in the new Stad Jaber. How cool is that?


A great food place is coming next week

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Remember when I posted about this new great restaurant that’s going to open next week?

Well, I got to try their food today, and let me tell you this: Everything was super delicious. I’m like, I can’t chose what’s my favorite dish. Because honestly, everything was really really good. And tara I’m not exaggerating, the food was that good!

So, about this place. It’s a Mexican food restaurant, and it only has one branch in the Gulf region so far. They’re opening up their first branch in Kuwait in the Avenues next Thursday inshalla.

The food I tried was typical Mexican. I has beef Tacos, Nachos with beef and black beans, Beef Quesadilla, Beef Burritos, and a very delicious crunch wrap (again with beef). Every dish can be served with chicken instead of beef. But since I’m not a big chicken eater, I opted for an all meat feast.

We ended the meal with two kinds of dessert. An Apple\caramel mini-pie that was really good, and twisted cinnamon sticks that were even more delicious.

I’ll leave you with the pictures. I wanted to take all dishes back home with me. But since I’ve started a new diet yesterday, I didn’t really need the temptation to be staring me in the fridge as of yet. Plus, they’re opening next week anyways, so I think I can wait a week to eat it again.

Yeah, I think I did good in not taking anything with me (I’ll just pretend that I didn’t take two bags of twisted cinnamon desserts with me)…

I, for one, am sure I’ll be going there often. The food is delicious, and it’s different form what we normally eat in fast food places. And from what I heard, They’re thinking of opening another branch in Kuwait next year, in a place by the seaside, which will give people another choice to dine at other than going to a crowded mall.

I hope I did the place justice with my pictures.

Special thanks go to Mr. Ayman Abed, the Marketing Manager of the group in charge of bringing this new restaurant to Kuwait.

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Watch Brazil vs. Argentina South American football showdown in Qatar

November 17, 8 p.m.
Brazil vs. Argentina in a friendly game in Qatar
Prices start from KD 4-40
Click here for tickets

Win great prizes with Naser Sport Center grand opening

Naser Sports Center’s latest, biggest, and 60th branch is opening today in 3qaila area, at 6 p.m.

That are many great prizes to be won, including:

  • 5 iPads.
  • 10 Blackberries.
  • 10 Treadmills.
  • 20 cycles.
  • 1,000 kiddi gifts.
  • 100 KD 10 vouchers.

Michael Jackson’s new tour with Cirque Du Soleil

Michael Jackson’s estate is teaming up with Cirque Du Soleil for a new show called The Immortal Tour.

Click here for details

These are proposed sketches of MJ’s Immortal Tour.