Just finished watching the Walking Dead, and I liked it

wrote before about this new show, The Walking Dead, that premiered in the US last week and how it’s premiering here tonight, just a week behind its US debut.

Well, I just finished watching the series premier on Fox series, and I’m glad to say it was a good show. I’m definitely tuning to the show again next week.

It’s a bit gross with all the zombies running around, and the weird sounds they make. But it’s really not that scary, and the story is definitely different from what you usually watch on TV. I mean the story is more suited for a movie, than a TV series. I think that’s what made it entertaining.

Anyways, I was browsing the net and I found these dismembered creepy dolls. They do look like some of the zombies that were on the show tonight!



Can this be true?

This is today’s weather forecast. Do you min temp is 7 degrees?

I mean it does feel a bbit chilly, especially when we’re still wearing summer clothes. But still, 7?

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