This post is for a very special reader


This post goes out to a very special reader, whom has always supported me through regular continuous commenting and interaction.

I’ve been missing this special reader for quite a while now, and I hope she’s fine and doing well.

So my darling Miss N, this post is for you. Just know that I miss you, and hope to see back here real soon xoxo.


Abu Dhabi digital HD receiver offer

This is Abu Dhabi’s latest offer for it’s HD receiver\English premiership thing. All for just KD 39.9… We got ours a couple of months ago for Kd 81, that’s more than double this price.

Not Cool Abu Dhabi, not cool at all.

Michael Jackson’s Breaking News – Full song

I posted before about a new single for Michael Jackson called Breaking News, that’s coming out on his new album next month. What I posted was a short teaser, this is the song’s full version. Enjoy!

Kung Fu Panda 2 trailer

Watch the latest teaser for Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom on Doom

Careful of Lady Gaga’s guns

Lady Gaga on the cover of November’s GQ Italy

Pepsi Max vs. Coke Zero feat. Snoop Dogg

Watch the video in full screen, this commercial is that good. A battle between Pepsi Max and Coke Zero!

I usually prefer Coca Cola products while I’m in Kuwait. But if I’m abroad, especially in Europe, then it’s Pepsi all the way for me.

Why NBK is more profitable than KFH

This is why NBK is more profitable than KFH, like 2.5 times more profit to be precise. KFH should stop spending their money on ridiculous self-promotions, and focus more on the essence of business!

Free ice cream with Pink Monday’s at Baskin Robins

Wear or take anything pink with you to Baskin Robins’, and get a free scope with your ice cream!

Too bad I’m on diet!!