King Abdullah is sick الله يشافي الملك عبدالله

Update here: King Abdullah leaves for the US for further treatment and testing.

King Abdullah, ruler of Saudi Arabia, is sick with a slipped disc. The 86-87 year old king was ordered by doctors to rest and undergo treatment. My Saudi friends say that the King’s health is more serious than just a slipped disc. I hope it’s not true.

King Abdullah has made some bold positive steps in modernizing SA since he came into power in 2005. He’s had tremendous advances towards liberalism and advancement with much lower Islamic fundamentalists’ intrusion. These are some of the King’s achievements so far:


13 Responses to King Abdullah is sick الله يشافي الملك عبدالله

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  2. Om Totta says:

    3asa alah ayshafeeh ya rab o yegawmah bel salamah o yeshafee jemee3 almoslmeen

  3. Kaifan5 says:

    أجر وعافيه ياخادم الحرمين .. ألبسك الله ثوب الصحة والعافيه اللهم آمين

  4. alnoury says:

    ameeen y arab mashallla wayed nas ey7ebooona o i love him tooo

  5. 0new0vision0 says:

    Buz am SAD 😦
    I really wish he gets better very soon . he has been away from the media for a week now .
    Allah yeshfeeh w yerfa3 3annu w ye6ammenna 3laih .
    My one and only beloved king

    • buzfairy says:

      I hope he gets better soon too. I know he’s been very good to SA since he became king, and it does feel sad that he’s sick now…

      Ameen he will get better very soon inshalla 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

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  10. Greetings in the name of Almighty God.
    In the Respect Of King Abdulla,The King of SaudiArabia.
    may God bless you and give you long life with happiness.may Almighty God Protect you from all harms and
    danders.I rebuke all your,s sickness in the powerful name of Almighty God.may you live long among us,
    and may your life to be used for the Glory of Almighty God. Ameen sum Ameen.
    I am from pakistan and i pray for the respectable King of Saudi arabia ever since i came to know that he was sick and i will be continuing praying for is my request please do let the respectable king know about my message.i want to visit him and want to pray for him at his palace if he give me permission.
    i am christian lady .keeping strong faith in Gods helling power. God bless him .

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