3eed jokes نكت العيد


Gross painful sport injuries

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These pictures are very painful, I don’t know how someone can go through that. After seeing these pics, I feel that football players deserve every penny of their sky high salaries, and then some.

Old Nokia Memories

Old is Gold?

Dessert camps, ala 2010 style مخيمات ٢٠١٠

Thx W.Q.

Enjoy tasty Frozen Yogurt at IKEA

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  • IKEA now sells frozen yogurt, with or without fruit\candy toppings.
  • It’s plain vanilla frozen yogurt, with a choice of toppings that range from fresh fruit to chocolate and fruit loops.
  • The price is amazing at just 500 fils for plain frozen yogurt, and 750 fils for frozen yogurt with 4 toppings.
  • Any extra topping over the 4 cost just 100 fils each.
  • IKEA’s frozen yogurt is located beside their exit cafe.
  • It has it’s own stand, meaning you won’t get stuck with people buying other stuff like the popcorn or shawarma.

I went there with a friend today (right after I finished my first gym workout in months!!), and we both had the frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries and banana, and chocolate crunch.

The yogurt is tasty and light. It’s not very sweet as some of the other places, and it kinda does taste like yummy delicious yogurt. I liked it a lot, and would definitely go back for some more. Plus, the price is so attractive, it won’t burn a hole in my pocket like the other FroYo places.

Great step IKEA, that’s why you’re one of my most favorite shopping places in Kuwait. You can check some  of my older IKEA posts here, here, here and here.

My diet breakfast

I’ve been on a diet for 10 days now, and I have yet to hit the gym. I thought I would take a few days of just dieting, before I torture myself with exercise too. Well, that didn’t work very well, cause it made me just lazy up and not go at all.

I’m getting diet meals from Flex Gourmet, like 3 meals a day plus snacks\salad\fruit and what not. What I also get is a one month subscription in Flex Fitness (which is the gym I go to anyways).

The deal is sweet, you get the food and the one month gym for a price of just KD180.

This is my breakfast for today and half of my fruit salad. I’ve also set up my gym bag and gadgets, and I’m crossing my fingers that today is the day I start my workout!

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