***** Woohooo Woohoo Woohoo *****

I’ve hit 40,000 readers just now… That is one big milestone for me…. I wasn’t very happy with my 30,000 mark, not like how happy I was with my 10,000 and 20,000….. So this 40,000 is a huge deal for me. And this is also my 700th post, how that for a coincidence!

It took me 6 weeks to hit my 10,000 mark, and just over a month to hit the 20,000 mark. I still have another week before my 4 month anniversary, so it feels super great to hit to 40,000 a lot faster than I thought.

When I started blogging, I did it both as a hobby and as a reaction to all of my friends who wanted to blog. It’s still a hobby for me, but I am enjoying my time here like unbelievably. I’ve made a few blogger friendships whom I have to thank personally for making my experience ever so sweet:

  • Q8TravelBud. This guy was one of my 1st ever bloggers to comment and encourage me during my journey.
  • His&Hers. They were the 1st blogger I used to read, and know, to comment and encourage me.
  • The Weekly Argus. He was my first foreign blogging friend, EVER. I love this guy to death.
  • New Vision. This Saudi blogger is my first GCC blogging friend, bless heart till the end of time.
  • BabbleQ8. My first BlogRoll was on the hands of this young beauty.
  • BananaQ8. I love reading this blog, it’s so smooth and hadi, it’s such a breeze to go through it.
  • Frankom. Sheikh elbloggers is all I’ve got to say about this amazing, and very respectable, blogger.
  • Kaifan5. A very dear, and again very respectable, blogger; whom I value and cherish more than anyone would ever know.
  • Mark. Nothing else needs to be said about this guy. He is, hands down, the most sucessful blogger in Kuwait. It is such an honor and a lot more to have him quote me in one of his posts.

There are many many more whom I should thank personally, and I will do that in a later post inshalla.

My readers, whom I’ve gotten to know and love, are 3ala rasi men foug. You truly make my day, not to mention my blog. I love you. I really do.


9 Responses to ***** Woohooo Woohoo Woohoo *****

  1. babble says:

    Thank you for the ‘thanks’.
    Altho, young beauty, hmm, I’m not so sure about that. In the last 6months, I feel like I’ve aged 20years…
    Keep blogging for many more years to come, love your blog and u :*

  2. Om Totta says:

    Mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook Akbar Shay 😉

  3. 0new0vision0 says:

    Congrats Buz, WoHoOoOooO
    this deserves a celebration and not on the web dear 😉

    am honored that u’ve mentioned by blog . You know who made me super excited to strat it to begin with ,right ?

    for me Your blog has it all , the news , music , media gossips ,latest events here and there for that it is my Daily Buz 😉

    Congrats again and wish to see 1,000,000 hit soon

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