KDD Strawberry cheese cake icecream

Found this new KDD strawberry cheesecake ice cream in Qadsiya branch. Wow. I’m on diet, so I can’t taste it and tell you what I think of it yet.

But it looks delicious 🙂

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New Kids on The Block & BackStreet Boys together at the AMAs

New Kids On the Block performing with the BackStreet Boys at last night’s American Music Awards. They sound horrible at first, but slightly improve (but not a lot) towards the middle-end. They just sound so horrible.

A very stupid video involving a bus

Kuwait vs. Qatar in Gulf Cup الكويت ضد قطر خليجي ٢٠١٠

المباراة بين منتخب الكويت و منتخب قطر في افتتاح خليجي ٢٠١٠ اليوم الساعة ١٠ مساء بتوقيت الكويت

Kuwait national football team plays against in their 1st game of the Gulf Cup 2010 in Yemen. The game is one at 10 pm, and you can watch it on any 5aleeji Tv channel.

Good luck Kuwait, we’ll all cheering for you!!

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Iran: the before and after pics

Different pictures from Iran, from before & after the Islamic revolution. Pictures from sport, family, kids, love, and formal functions.

Egyptian reporter swears on live TV

فيصل زيدان مراسل رياضي لبرنامج الكورة و شوبير، و تم ايقافه عن العمل بعد المسبة الكبيرة الي صارت على الهواء مباشرة

Faisal Zaidan is a sports reports for El-Koora w Shubair program, and messed up big time after swearing something really nasty on live TV. He got suspended after this incident.

Turks trying to steal 3eed sheep أتراك يبوقون خرفان العيد

Funny Tea making instructions

It’s called Erase your Past tea, and you get it from here.

I particularly like “Don’t marry someone you just met” and “When you’re angry, count to 50,000”. My top fav is “Hide your cell when you’re drunk”.

Thx HG  for the hilarious pics.