Sad news from Wataniya Airways

  • Wataniya Airways will stop their flights to Bahrain, Amman, Jeddah, and Damascus.
  • Frequency of flights to Dubai will also be reduced.
  • These changes will take affect from Dec 5, 2010.

This is truly sad. I don’t fly on Wataniya much, but having the airline there when making a booking adds much needed competition in terms of both service and price.

I hope this is just temporary, and that they would atleast add the Bahrain & Jeddah routes soon.



3 Responses to Sad news from Wataniya Airways

  1. s. says:

    why ://///

    whats wrong with Wataniya?? First they cancelled Rome, now this??

  2. KKK says:

    They never made money. Losses from day 1. With 2 Aircraft repo’ed by the leasing company they are sure on a down slide. Have fun Watties!

    Wataniya Airways is a total show off.

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