Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year Everyone, wishing u a wonderful fulfilled life next year. I’m in chale enjoying the fire, hoping everyone are enjoying their time.

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Kaka moves to Chelsea

It seems that Kaka might be moving to Chelsea FC from Real Madrid, and not to Inter Milan as was expected. The move might happen in the summer transfer season, for €50 million.

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Would you wear this?

A better question would be, would you buy this?

Katy Perry without make up

I didn’t recognize her at all. She doesn’t look like herself, not one bit.

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Kim Kardashian without make up

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She actually looks pretty good without make up.

What’s the offer?

It’s already Dec 31st, they could’ve at least told us what the offer is about.

Fight between Salwa Al-Jassar & Al-Sawwag هوشة سلوى الجسار و الصواغ

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No more foam on National Day celebrations

You can read about the foam ban over at Al-Qabas.