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Kuwait football champ is home again انحلت مشكلة سكن بطل الكويت فهد العنزي

.وفقا للراي، قامت وزارة الدفاع  بحل مشكلة العنزي السكنية عن طريق تمديد سكن والده سنتين زيادة و ذلك بعد انشار خبر طرد العائلة من المنزل

According to Al-Rai, the housing problem of Kuwait’s football player, Fahad Al-Enezi, is over. The M.O. Defense has extended the house lease for an additional 2 years. Great news, check it out here.

Click here for the problem’s details… تفاصيل المشكلة هنا

Naser Al-Duwaila on Watan TV tmrw ناصر الدويلة في مواجهة على الوطن غدا

يا بطل …. يا بصل…. نشوف باكر انشاءالله

Tune in tomorrow night to see this debacle battle

Al-Watan TV at 9pm  تلفزيون الوطن الساعة ٩ مساء

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Souq Sharq has a Circus this weekend

  • This weekend, for 3 days, Souq Sharq is having a festive circus.
  • The shows will start at 6 pm Thursday Dec. 2, Friday Dec. 3, and Sat Dec. 5.
  • The circus will include clowns, fire works, a poodle show, and is totally free.
  • Just make sure you get to the Roman theatre early, the shows start at 6 p.m.

The Love Hotel

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I don’t really know where this love hotel is exactly, but it’s somewhere in the US in Taiwan. (thx S.)

You can check out more lovelier pics here.

Wiki Leaks Kuwait ويكيليكس و وزير الداخلية

Details of the whole thing can be found here.

انا عجبني كلام وزير الداخلية، واقعي حده