Bryan Adams’ having a concert in Qatar

Bryan Adams is having a concert in Qatar on Dec 16th, on the beach of the Intercontinental Hotel Doha. Tickets are sold for QR 300 or KD 25, click on the pic for booking details.


Beautiful Wallpaper

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Thx OT for the lovely pics 🙂

Separation of the sexes in India

This is what happens to men when they ride on the “Women Only” train carts in India. They get the crap beaten out of them, by EVERYONE.

This is why Qatar won

Qatar went to Zurich with all of it’s force. Their Emir, his wife, the Foreign secretary, and a whole bunch of other people.

No other head of state was there. And that is why Qatar won.

And they sure deserved it. It made me happy looking at the Emir and Sh Mouza’s faces, being excited and spontaneous . That is natural happiness and pride.

Allah eywafig Qatar inshalla.