Traffic light flipping the finger

This is funny. This Spokane, Washington state, traffic light has a sense of humor. Watch it give pedestrians the finger.

City officials of course said that snow got in the wires and made the traffic light act this way. Meaning, it wasn’t intentional. It’s still unbelievably funny.


Qatar, Israel and the 2022 World Cup

Apparently, one of the presentation videos Qatar showed the FIFA had included an Israeli child talking about what I think is getting the chance to play with Arabs, or something like that.

As everyone knows, hosting an international event like the Olympics or the World Cup comes with lots of restraining conditions. These conditions are totally acceptable to the rest of the world, but are very hard for both the Arab and Islamic world to understand or accept:

  • Israel has the right, as any other country, to participate in the event.
  • Alcohol must be made available, as sporting events’ main sponsors are alcoholic beverages producers.
  • Female athletes participate in full, in whatever standard uniform their particular sport calls for (meaning swimsuits or shorts).

I am all for the above. We need to be on the same level as all other countries in the world. But what bugs me is how in the hell are the Palestinians staying quite with the above video is play. We in Kuwait have no ties with Israel (even though they haven’t done anything wrong to us), and we are still hated by the Palestinians and labeled as imperial agents and what not.

Hypocrisy in it’s most stupid and idiotic form is what I say.

Juwaihel gets beaten up الجويهل يتعرض للضرب

نقلا عن جريده الآن، تعرض محمد الجويهل للضرب من قبل عشرات الاشخاص و ذلك بعد بصقه على عضو مجلس الامة مسلم البراك، و ذلك خلال ندوة السعدون التي تم ايقافها بعد هذا الحدث

Al-Aan online newspaper reports that Al-Juwaihel has been beaten up, by tens of people, after he spat in the face of MP Mussallam Al-Barrak. This happened in the Nadwa Al-Sa3doon had tonight, which got cancelled after the beating incident.

Click here for more details اضغط هنا للمزيد من التفاصيل

The video taken from Na3imat Al-Hams blog.

World’s largest digital picture @ 152 Giga Pixel

This is the largest digital picture in the world, and it’s 152 Giga Pixel.

As you can see it’s a panoramic picture of the city of Rio de Janeiro, you can check out the picture here.

I zoomed in on the giant statue of Jesus (which isn’t even visible in the panoramic picture), just to give you an idea of how big this picture really is.

Older related post can be found here.

Funny Egyptian caricatures

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can always count on Egyptians to brighten up your day.

Marc Jacobs iPad covers

They come in four colors: Hot pink, Turquoise, Black, and Purple. Prices are from $38-48. Get them here along with laptop covers.

First Qatari baby born after world cup win

This is the 1st baby born in Qatar after they won hosting the FIFA WorldCup in 2022. It’s adorable how happy Qataris are with this win. Go Baby FFA.

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A Cigarette is:

A pinch of tobacco
rolled in paper
with fire at one end
and a fool at the other