We won We won We won…Kuwait… Gulf Cup Champions

Kuwait beat saudi Arabia 1-0 to win the Gulf Cup.

Kuwait receiving the cup and dancing, from second # 35


First goal in the game, Kuwait vs Saudi 1-0 so far

We finally scored a goal, in extra time #1… We still have another 20 minutes to go… Allah yster inshalla.

Fight between Kuwaiti & Saudi players هوشة بين لاعبين الكويت و السعودية

It was just a short fight, thank god.

Interview with Jwaihel from hospital مقابلة مع محمد الجويهل من المستشفى

مقابلة قناة سكوب مع محمد الجويهل، من المستشفى، بعد تعرضه لاعتداء في ديوان أحمد السعدون في ندوة الا الدستور

Scope channel’s interview with Mohammad Al-Juwaihel in hospital, after the attack on him that happened at Ahmad Al-Sa3doon’s nadwa.

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VIVA’s Samsung Galaxy offer

You can get the Galaxy for free, or pay KD 60 for it, depending on what subscription you’ve got with Viva. Check out their website for more details.

Kuwait vs. Saudi Arabia in Gulf Cup الكويت ضد السعودية خليجي ٢٠١٠

Update: Kuwait won the Gulf Cup, click here.

المباراة بين منتخب الكويت و منتخب السعودية على نهائي كأس الخليج في خليجي ٢٠١٠ اليوم الساعة ٦ مساء بتوقيت الكويت

Kuwait national football team plays against Saudi Arabia for the Cup in the final game of the Gulf Cup 2010 in Yemen. The game is on at 6 pm, and you can watch it on any 5aleeji Tv channel.

Good luck Kuwait, we’ll all cheering for you!!

Repair your glass windshield at Audi’s glass Dr

Whenever I get a crack in my windsheild, I usually take it to a place called the Glass Dr. behind McDonald’s in Shuwaikh Industrial area. They get it fixed in half an hour, for something between KD 3-10.

Now you get the same fix for your glass cracks, but from your certified car dealership, and it seems that the prices are still cheap and competitive over at Audi.

Update on the Juwaihel situation

All of the papers have now reported on the beating Al-Juwaihel took in Al-Sa3doon’s nadwa last night. And it seems that Juwaiheel is in some kind of comma, and is being treated in Amiri hospital.

You can real all about it over at Al-Jareeda and Al-Qabas.

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