Janet Jackson Barbie doll

Janet Jackson has a one of a kind Barbie doll made after her, called Divinely Janet, and will be auctioned off to charity.

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Katy Perry joins The Simpsons for Christmas

This Simpsons episode is made of clay puppets, adding a little something extra.

Sarah Palin the Caribou hunter

Sarah Palin actually shoots and kills a Caribou!!… All part of her “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” reality show.

Spoilers for 50 Disney movies

A good short video, giving you spoilers for 50 different Disney movies, all at once.

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Woohoo… I just won a ticket to Lebanon

I just got a call from Flex Gourmet that I had won a ticket to Lebanon in a raffle I didn’t even know was going on.

I guess this is one extra benefit from going on diet… I guess this is my lucky year, I also got a couple of small promotions\freebies from Zain a while back… How cool is that??

Beaver movie trailer

Beaver is Mel Gibson and Jodi Foster’s new movie.

Enrique Iglesias invites a drunk to sing with him

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Kuwait, Yemen and Gulf Bank

Everyone was talking about how Yemenis were cheering Kuwait’s team at the Gulf Cup tournament, and how much they were genuinely happily cheering for us.

Then I saw this picture in the paper, where Gulf Bank was honoring it’s old employees. And it turns out that one of the honoree employees is Yemeni (just a coincidence), but it proves how the Yemeni people are in our hearts and in our homes.

Kuwait loves Yemen and gives you a big thank you… W sij sij magassartaw wiyyana.