TV interview with Jam3an Al-Herbish on Al-Jazeera مقابلة مع جمعان الحربش على الجزيرة

الظاهر المسألة فيها استجواب على خلفية اعتداء القوات الخاصة على النواب و الجمهور في ندوة الحربش، و صالح الملا وياهم بالاستجواب

It looks like there will be a questioning addressed to the government, with the aftermath of the special forces attack on the MPs and people, and Saleh Al-Mulla is joining them.

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Special Forces attack MPs in diwan Al-Herbish القوات الخاصة تضرب النواب في ديوان الحربش

اوصلت فينا المواصيل انه نواب الأمة ينطقون؟ و على يد منو؟ الشرطة؟ الي انعرف من النواب انه تعرض للضرب اهم: الطبطبائي الي انكسرت ايده، العنجري، السعدون، الغانم، البراك، هايف، الحربش و بورمية… يعني ماخلوا نائب مااعتدوا عليه

I don’t know where we’re going with this. How can the peoples’ representatives get attacked by the special forces? How does that even happen? The MPs that were known to be attacked are: Al-Tabtaba2i (who got his arm broken), Al-Sa3doon, Al-Anjeri, Al-ghanim, Al-Barrak, Hayef, Al-Herbish, and Bu Ramya. That is a lot of MPs. This isn’t right at all.

Taken from Al-Aan electronic paper منقول من الآن الالكترونية

I first read the sad news on kaifan5.
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Reminder: Bryan Adams’ concert in Qatar

Just a reminder about my earlier post, Bryan Adams is playing on the beach of the InterContinental in Qatar next Thursday Dec. 16.

Thank you Zain

Thank you Zain for reducing the price of my Ego from KD 27 to KD 21, even though you gave me 2 free months that won’t end till the end of this month. For some great reason, Zain have been more than generous with me this year. Thank you Zain, and I hope you keep up these great offers.

Bu Rashed news service is back on Zain

After an absence of more than 3 months, Bu Rashed news service comes back to Zain subscribers. You can also follow Bu Rashed on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Dog dancing Salsa

This dog dances amazing Salsa, wow!

Tents Market – Souq el5yam

From the looks of the tents’ markets, everybody’s camping out this year. I never camp, my thing is chale, but I know lots and lots of people who enjoy it a lot.

I loved how the light was reflecting in this pic, it made it look like an episode of M*A*S*H.

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Kim Kardashian dumps Gabriel Aubry

According to Life & Style magazine, Kim Kardashian has dumbed Gabriel Aubry, the Ex Mr. Halle Berry. Kim thinks that Gabriel was after her fame, and he’s also older than what she’s looking for in a man.

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