New pics of Al-Herbish attack صور جديدة على اعتداء الحربش

According to Al-Qabas, the police were there to uphold the law.
I usually agree with Al-Qabas all the way, but I do have to disagree this time.
We are peaceful people, and the use of police power to attack non-criminals regular civilians is not acceptable. No matter what!!

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17 Responses to New pics of Al-Herbish attack صور جديدة على اعتداء الحربش

  1. in_love_with-laguna says:

    I agree with you its not acceptable ! beatn ppl like this Any way ?! What is the BIG disaster thing they have been made ? we born free ! live free and we have the right ! to express our self but of course with respect

  2. soull says:

    6ag em6agaaag !

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  5. Jwaihel says:

    Pictures and videos dont lie. They were asked kindly and they refused a superior order. Authority and the law must be respected. Who doesnt beleive in the law should accept the consequences. When the police were attacked with heavy flying objects, the neccessary must be taken.

    • buzfairy says:

      You must not confuse why this incident is wrong. Police have all the right to do what they did, in normal circumstances. What they don’t have the right to, is beat and attack Members of Parliament.

      A3tha2 majlis el-omma, methly elwizara2 wil quthat, you do not apply your attacks on them. It’s that simple.

      Can you imagine what the reaction would be if one wazeer was attacked by the police last night? How do you think people will react to that? It’s the same case here with the MPs, they all have the same 7a9ana and respect.

  6. Jwaihel says:

    I think you got confused with the law. Immunity is only inside the parliament. Outside they are normal citizens that must be law abiding !

    • buzfairy says:

      No they’re not normal people. U got confused abt inside the parliament regarding accusations. What heppened bilnadwa was not a court of law. Let me remind u of diplomatic passport, 7a9ana, one side of a 3 authority triangle in town. Don’t downsize them.
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