Qatar again

Qatar Foundation will have it’s name and logo put on the Barcelona FC jerseys for $225 million, in a 5 and a half year deal.


Prince William’s official engagement portraits


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Get ready, winter is coming

It looks like we’re in for a very cold week. 3 degrees is pretty cold, so get your heavy clothes and boots out, and get ready for some winter.

Traveling light

This is the way you pack for vacation.

Marry me by Shitsawi

A new video by the Shitsawi guy, who brought us How to Kuwaiti and Love St. Check out Shitsawi on his Youtube and Facebook links.

Thx New Vision for the head’s up.

Cher and Will.I.Am’s performance on The X Factor

Check out Cher Lloyd and Will.I.Am.’s performance of Where is the Love\I got a Feeling on The X Factor. Sadly, Cher got voted off after this show.

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Obaid Al-Wasmi’s video at Diwan Al-Herbish فيديو كلمة عبيد الوسمي بديوان الحربش

اترك التعليق لكم، بس شنك غلطت شوي يا دكتور؟ مع انه مو عذر لاستخدام القوة، بس خانك التعبير بالآخر في ظني

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Kuwait’s car show opens today

Don’t miss Kuwait’s International Motor Show. It opens today at Mishref Fairgrounds:

  • From Dec 12-18.
  • Halls 5-6-7-8.
  • Opening hours from 9.30-1 pm and 4.30-9.30 pm, Sat to Thu.
  • Fri from 4.30-10.30 pm.