A very brilliant 2 year old toddler mashalla 3alaih

Thx Om Totta.


Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez are dating

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Pictures taken from here and you can read all about the new romance here.

Merry Christmas brought to you by the iBand

All the music was done by iPhones and iPads… Even though i don’t think this reggae music is christmasy, but it’s catchy and funky.

The most common passwords

Link to details can be found here

The ultimate sliding door

I can see how this could be a Sci-Fi fantasy, even though I’ve been afraid of going through automatic doors even since either The LIving Daylights or License to Kill came out in 1986 (I could never remember the movie’s name) and had that scene where an electronic door kills a guy!

Allah yr7am Wael Al-Saqer الله يرحم وائل الصقر

Wael Al-Saqer died on his way to lunch in the chales of Bnaider Friday noon,  just opposite McDonald’s. Allah yr7am Wael w eygamd roo7ah elyannah inshalla

Allah eykafeenah shar el7awadith w shar elgafla

Their version of Saba7

This is what I call the Western version of our beloved Saba7, and her name is Amada Lepore. What do you think?