The ultimate sliding door

I can see how this could be a Sci-Fi fantasy, even though I’ve been afraid of going through automatic doors even since either The LIving Daylights or License to Kill came out in 1986 (I could never remember the movie’s name) and had that scene where an electronic door kills a guy!


28 Responses to The ultimate sliding door

  1. in-love-with-laguna says:

    لـو هالبـاب عنـدنـا جـان اختـرب من أول يـوم ! و السبـة اليهـال داشـين و طالعيـن

  2. Kind_of says:

    LoOoOoL … A Star trek nerd 😉

  3. Kind_of says:

    Starwars is the best bsss startrek la mal a2awaaal mal jeil el aowela … Ana basawily bab nafs el 7abiiiib bss baway bab mal alice in wonderland bss el baab ra7 yikoon to small door bs eshloon ra7 a6laaa3 min el room ? 😉

  4. Kind_of says:

    LoOoOoOoL …. 🙂 sej ya3ny tha7akt min galb walah .. yalah ma3alih buzfairy 7adij Sci-fi fan

    Bss a7lah shay sci-fi movies … Ao ana lazim aktib scenario (magic mirror type of thing) ThE MoViE ao adeza mo 7ag hollywood la ra7 adeza 7ag bollywood 3ashan yesiiir ba6al el film (AMITAB) 🙂

  5. Kind_of says:

    Sweet sci-fi dreems 😉

  6. Kind_of says:

    Enshalah ya rab make buzfairy taller and thinner 😉

    Ao enshalah ana y5ali9 shifty al7iiiin … 🙂

  7. Kind_of says:

    mmmmm i think 130

  8. Kind_of says:

    Mmmm 😉 it’s good to be proud but still not to tall ok my next guss will be 1,66

  9. Kind_of says:

    Sorry get to go home or sleep in work i’m thinking now see you ….

    See YoU Later .. 😉

  10. Kind_of says:

    Mmmm your tall mashalah why do you want to be taller ? 😉

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