Adidas’ Star Wars collection

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Check out Adidas’s new line of shoes and clothes. It’s the Star Wars Collection. And it looks awesome. You can get it here.


A very strange Duet on the Got Talent show

This video is a freakish one, I have to admit that. It’s from what I think is the Philippines version the “Got Talent” shows. Don’t be too disgusted, the guy\girl is very talented. I promise, it’s worth at least a watch.

World’s silliest joke

You can always count on Egyptians to make you laugh, even if the joke is super silly. Start watching from the 2:30 mark, and I guarantee you’ll crack up.

Other funny Egyptian stuff can be found here.

Boycotting Al-Watan newspaper

I got messages today telling me that a lot of people were throwing away their Al-Watan newspaper boxes. However, I didn’t get to know the reason why they were doing that. Anyways, I just got a few pictures of the doomed boxes and thought of sharing them with you, the pictures are a bit funny and sarcastic (I mean why throw boxes away, just cancel your subscription).

As a side (and not so important) note, I don’t read Al-Watan because I don’t like the way they write. What I read on a daily basis are Al-Jareeda and Al-Qabas.

Reminder: Student needs your help with a survey

Survey Link

A few days ago I posted about a Kuwaiti student called Jassim, who is doing his Master’s degree, and needs help with a survey needed for a report he’s doing.

A lof of you, including me, have been nice enough to complete the easy Q&A survey. Since his report is due in just a few days, I though about posting a reminder, just in case someone new would be kind enough to help him out.

Survey Link

A great price for an important gadget

When I travel, and plan on renting a cram I usually borrow my friend’s navigation gadget. It’s an important thing to have, and I have always wanted my own one. I know e all have maps on out iPhones, Nokias, and iPads. But to have a dedicated gadget designed for navigation purposes only is something else. The ease of use, the variety of countries and cities, and driving\walking directions makes this device very unique from all the other add-on ones.

I was going to order me one online, but then my friend told me that she saw the Garmin Nuvi on sale for KD 60, but she said that it was a special promo a while back. Well, guess what. The offer is back, and i suggest you get your hands on it before their out of stock.

A really creative ad

Paris under the Snow

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Paris is totally under the snow right now. My friend travelled to Paris on Saturday, and she was super lucky that the airport was still open when she got there.It closed the day after she got there.

She sent me a few pictures of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. I couldn’t believe the amount of snow they’re having over there.

Just to let you know, it rarely snows in paris, and certainly not to this extent. I guess it’s a truly white Christmas for Parisians this year, lucky them.

Thx N.