A great price for an important gadget

When I travel, and plan on renting a cram I usually borrow my friend’s navigation gadget. It’s an important thing to have, and I have always wanted my own one. I know e all have maps on out iPhones, Nokias, and iPads. But to have a dedicated gadget designed for navigation purposes only is something else. The ease of use, the variety of countries and cities, and driving\walking directions makes this device very unique from all the other add-on ones.

I was going to order me one online, but then my friend told me that she saw the Garmin Nuvi on sale for KD 60, but she said that it was a special promo a while back. Well, guess what. The offer is back, and i suggest you get your hands on it before their out of stock.


4 Responses to A great price for an important gadget

  1. Kind_of says:

    I already own one it’s just amazing .. Ana 9ara7a mo dilila ma adil shay bil kuwait madry eshlon ana kuwaiti ao 7ag el bar wayid wayid zain yi5a6i6lk el bar 3ala kafik ..

    And once esta3malta 7ag FAiLaka Island at night you dont see nothing no steet light no laftat no nothing it was so silent and spooky at night so the garmin navi was so usefull and it was my
    salvation 😉

    • buzfairy says:

      I really want to get one, but mostly for street maps in Europe and for navgivation in gulf when reting a car.

      What model do you have? And is it accurate? And is it updated with all the new malls, restaurants and stuff?
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

  2. Kind_of says:

    Well … I dont know what model it is but it’s very very accurate i mean very i think all garmin models couse they are a spacialest in nevigation and the one i have it’s updated to all kind things like banks,fule station , malls , police stations , hospitals, and more and you can update all maps new maps for all the world from your pc or laptob to your garmin it’s easy to use realy MO 7ASAFA an9aa7 fih wayid it’s realy good just go for it .

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