Boycotting Al-Watan newspaper

I got messages today telling me that a lot of people were throwing away their Al-Watan newspaper boxes. However, I didn’t get to know the reason why they were doing that. Anyways, I just got a few pictures of the doomed boxes and thought of sharing them with you, the pictures are a bit funny and sarcastic (I mean why throw boxes away, just cancel your subscription).

As a side (and not so important) note, I don’t read Al-Watan because I don’t like the way they write. What I read on a daily basis are Al-Jareeda and Al-Qabas.


6 Responses to Boycotting Al-Watan newspaper

  1. Kuwaitiful says:

    cancelling their subscription won’t show public boycotting, hence the flying boxes.

    I don’t like to read Al Watan for the same reason, specially since I sense their biased on some issues.

    • buzfairy says:

      Come to think about it, I think the reason I don’t read it is the biased opinions u just mentioned.

      For me, I need to see the news reported, and it’s up to me to make an opinion.

  2. F430 says:

    زين يسوون

  3. Kind_of says:

    Well .. I think free el watan newspaper FOR FREE is not bad i should get those boxes for the family .. Where is that place again ?

    I dont reed newspaper may somtimes i reed it in work but i’m not a newspaper fan .. But for free is good 😉

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