Soccer Scene has an online store

I think it’s cool that Soccer Scene, in phase 2 of the avenues, has an online store. Soccer Scene is one of the best stores in Kuwaiti for football fans. And now fans can buy whatever they want online, without having to visit the store.

You can buy a lot of different goods online; like shirts, shorts, bags and more. I couldn’t figure out what the shipping costs are, but I’m assuming it’s free for local deliveries.


I want to go to 3omra

I would love to go to 3omra, like a 2 day short trip. I was checking out the hotels over there, and it appears that 3 new hotels have opened up in the huge Abraj Al-Bait complex (that also houses the world’s largest clock). The hotels are Raffles, the Fairmont, and the Movenpick.

So dear readers, does any of you have any information about these new hotels? I usually stay in Intercontinental Dar Al-Tawhid, which is literally inside the Haram. I love how I leave the lobby and immediately enter Al-Haram gate.

So about the new hotels, are they that close to Al-Haram too? What about walking distance from the lobby to the gates of Al-Haram?

I really need your help with this 🙂

Why I love Mohammad Al-Saqer ليش احب محمد الصقر

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who reads my blog that I am a hard-core liberal and a fan of old school Kuwaiti patriotism. But it still has to be said, as a voter in the 2nd district, I have felt a loss after Mohammad Al-Saqer declined to run for parliament again. We have tried, unsuccessfully, to find suitable replacements.

I grew up in an era when Mohammad Al-Saqer ran Al-Qabas. And as much as I love Waleed Al-Nesef’s Qabas, it just isn’t the same since Al-Saqer left. Saying this, I have to admit that I was, honorably, one of the first followers of Mohammad Al-Saqer’s new newspaper, Al-Jareeda.

But what I love most about him are his political views that never change with the tides,AND his human nature. I still remember him crying on live TV when one of my uncles, who happened to be one of his best friends, died and he had a set interview that same night on TV. Now reading his eulogy of his brother, I am confident in this humane nature. You have got to love a guy who stands by his beliefs, and still is man enough to be emotionally open.

Here is to having more Mohammad Al-Saqers in our lives.

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