I want to go to 3omra

I would love to go to 3omra, like a 2 day short trip. I was checking out the hotels over there, and it appears that 3 new hotels have opened up in the huge Abraj Al-Bait complex (that also houses the world’s largest clock). The hotels are Raffles, the Fairmont, and the Movenpick.

So dear readers, does any of you have any information about these new hotels? I usually stay in Intercontinental Dar Al-Tawhid, which is literally inside the Haram. I love how I leave the lobby and immediately enter Al-Haram gate.

So about the new hotels, are they that close to Al-Haram too? What about walking distance from the lobby to the gates of Al-Haram?

I really need your help with this 🙂


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  1. Lulu says:

    اول شي الله يتقبل طاعتك مقدماً
    واحنا بعد بنروح العمره باجر ان شاءالله
    ماكو شي اقرب من التوحيد للحرم
    والفنادق اللي ذكرتها حلوه
    بس ابداً ما انصحك بالموفنبك مو ذاك الزود
    اما الرافلز والفيرمونت وايد حلوين بس شوي ابعد من التوحيد يعني تقريباًفيها ٧ دقايق لانهم باكبر الابراج وعلى ماتنزل من الاصنصير وتمشي يبيله وقت شويه..
    بس انصحك فيهم وايد شرحين واطلالتهم عجييييبه

    • buzfairy says:

      Awal shay mashkoora wayd wayd 3ala eljawab, la2ani bedait a7ati enah ma7ad 3endah fekra.

      3an elhotels, athen b7jiz fee dar eltaw7eed, la2anah 3ala gooltich mako shay agrab mennah.

      Do u agree with me, wela advise me to go to fairmont or raffles?

      W allah eytaqabal 6a3atkum moqadaman w inshalla 3omratkum sahala 🙂

  2. M says:

    Taqabal Allah 6a3tch muqadaman ou enshallah ejazeech 3ala khair neyatich ya rab! Ana ma 3ajabni Abraj AlBait la2ana ti6arain tidkhileen mujama3 3ashan trou7een 7ag any of the hotels eley you listed above ou ba3dain wayed loya! The designs are very modern fa you don’t get the oriental 3umra feeling. The mujama3 wayed loya ou yahal ou shabab fa if you are a group of girls I recommend Al Tawheed. Its not as close to Al Haram compared to Al Tawheed. You have to walk 2 minutes more.

    You can never go wrong with Dar Al ‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​‏​Tawheed, as it is the most trusted and well-known hotels in Mecca. Service, food and other amenities are just exceptional. Msana3 and you’re located within the Haram. I would definetly recommend Dar Al Tawheed but if you’re the risky and more adventurous type go for it and get your own feedback and experience!
    I hope the message isn’t too long ;p I wish you all the best ou Allah ma3ach!

    • buzfairy says:

      Thank u sooo much for the reply, it was very very very helpful.

      I’m not the adventurous type at all, I would definitely go with something I know and like such as al-tawheed.

      I just thought since I hate change a lot, I might miss out on something better. But I’m super glad that everyone here is still recommending tawheed.

      And going through a mall to get to 7aram? No thank u. Dar eltawheed it is inshalla.

      W eytaqabal mennah w menkum inshalla, and thx again for this helpful reply xoxo

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