You have got to watch this interview

This is Brendan Venter, an MD, a former Rugby player, and Head of Rugby of Saracens FC club in England. He made this interview with Sky Sports, after his team was defeated in a game last week.

The guy is clearly stoned, or has a weird sense of humor. He wasn’t normal at all, check it out for yourselves to have a good laugh.


9 Responses to You have got to watch this interview

  1. in-love-with-laguna says:

    lool الريال صار عنده لوثة عقلية
    very good lool i have to think

  2. Kaifan5 says:

    ذكرني بيونس شلبي …. في مسرحية العيال كبرت …. لقيت الست لقيت الست انا كنت ماشى الصبح بالليل ايه صبح ايه اللى بالليل ده ….. ساعة ما الشروق بيخش في الغروب؟

  3. soull says:

    hmmm ..I am trying to figure out! Is it his English? Did he memorize some sentences before the interview? Was he on drugs? He repeated a lot of words like interesting, I’ll have to think deeply about it

  4. John426 says:

    Haha – he was being super sarcastic! He was really angry and the questions were quite silly cause if you watched the game, his side was completely outplayed!

    • buzfairy says:

      Really? I sure hope he was being sarcastic, cause I was having doubts that he went crazy. And I know that he’s an MD, so I know he’s got brains.

      Thank you for your comment, now the interview makes more sense. Great sense of humor, gota give him that 🙂

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