Zac Efron shaves his head and sports new haircut

Zac Efron has cut his gorgeous hair for a role in a movie called The Lucky One.


Google Doodle goes interactive for the holidays

From Dec 23-25, Google will present an interactive doodle comprising of several famous peace and joy pictures. Hover above or click on any of the pics to get it activated into a bigger picture, and to get you to the search page of that picture.

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Al-Tahoos, Al-Jassar & 7abbaba الطاحوس، الجسار و حبابة

هذا رد الجسار و هي دكتورة… عيل شنو بيكون ردها لو قاعدة علـى شهادة الثانوية؟ وخر عني، محاربتك؟

Saudi’s King Abdullah’s grandson in a Mobily commercial

This is a commercial for Mobily, one of the mobile telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia. This commercial  is done by Prince Abdullah Bin Met3eb, King Abdullah’s grandson. WoW, major wows for having a royal prince and grandson of reigning king in a commercial. That has got to be wow.

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