Sneak peak at Louis Vuitton Spring\Summer 2011

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From the Glutton for Grandeur (along with the pictures):

“Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer collection for Louis Vuitton really did really surprise me, it was nothing less than amazing I promise you. What I was most captivated by was the colourful accessories, from what I’ve seen n the runways and other press days, next years Spring/Summer is bound to be a very colorful one. Just imagine tropical colours, lots of gloss, glitter and glamour then maybe you’ll grasp a bit of what I want you to visualise. When you see the images you will notice the ready-to-wear collection is very much influenced and inspired by the seventies with the colour blocking and bold floral prints with heavy embellishment.”

Count me in for the beach collection, my birthday is coming up pretty soon ya jama3a,  and you know how much I love the beach 😉

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Gulliver’s Travels trailer دعاية فيلم غوليفر في ارض الاقزام

This movie is an adaptation of the famous Jonathan Swift novel of the same name, and it opens in the States today.

A picture of Sh. Jaber going to Haj

This is an old photo of our late Sh. Jaber going to Haj. Sadly, I don’t know what year it was.

Allah yr7um elsheikh Jaber inshalla w eygamed roo7ah elyanna.

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Jingle Bells Indian style

Merry Christmas all

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Elissa & Haifa Wahbi kiss and make up, blessed by Roberto Cavalli

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Car crashes into a restaurant

Merry Christmas

What the hell… Where are the police?

From Al-Rai newspaper, thx BuRashed for the tip.