Video of Egyptian Police brutality on January 28th protesters

This video is very disturbing. It was taken on Friday, Jan 28th, and shows the police trying to disassemble the crowd. A military van ran over herds of people, before spraying more people while they prayed.


Amazing triple loop jump on a snowboard

He won the gold medal for this amazing jump.

Finally, some good news خوش خبر من الصبح

Thank god the MPs remembered something called personal freedom.

Fog on Chale road tonight

This is how King Fahad Highway (5a6 elmagreb, 40) looked like tonight. I couldn’t even see the hood of my own car. In addition, long lines of srreet lights were out, due to some electrical glitch. This was some weird weather tonight elsara7a!

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Urgent News: President Hussni Mubarak on TV now

Switch to Arabiya, Jazeera or any other Arabic news channel now!

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Egyptian President will give a speech shortly

The important news the Egyptian head of parliament was talking about is going to be a speech from President Mubarak.

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Urgent Egyptian news is coming shortly

The Egyptian head of parliament has stated that he important news to announce shortly.

Someone on Al-Arabiya news channel also stated that President Hussni Mubarak has recorded a speech, and that this would be the important news Fathi Surour referred to.

Allah yster 3ala Ma9er w eyZafeth.ha inshalla.

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Kuwaiti Papers’ Covering of Jeddah Floods

Al-Anba’a was the only one that reported anything about Jeddah’s disastrous flood rains; while Al-Qabas, Al-Watan, and Al-Jareeda all remained silent.

This is shameful of them. Saudi Arabia is our neighbor, a close ally, and a friendly. Is this how we think of their deadly natural disaster? That we don’t care?

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