Magi Fara7 predictions

A year of change is forecasted for me, allahuma ej3alha 5air.

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Do you think everyone got this exact message?

I got an email from recapping my performance last year. I am always a sucker for compliments, well done words, and you did great phrases. But even I was a bit skeptic.

Do you think every blogger on got this wow message? I mean it is a bit hard to believe that they would send a “you did bad” email, don’t you think?

Unreleased new song by Katy Perry

This new song is called “Part of Me”, and was suppose to be a part of her Teenage Dream album, but was never included on it.

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Internet companies’ New Year resolutions

Ya7lailhum… I see we’re not the only ones struggling with resolutions and decisions.

Celine Dion & Kids

Celine Dion posed with her new twins boys, her husband, and her eldest son. What caught my attention is how her eldest son looks like her, like a whole lot. Anyways, the whole family looks adorable in this Christmas card.

Great Steak & Potato Co.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I tried the Great Steak & Potato Co. for lunch. I was with a friend, and we both ordered steak sandwiches with cheese, onion and bell peppers. We also ordered a few side dishes like Jalapeno poppers and onion rings. Our order for 2 large meals and 2 side orders was KD 8.700, which I though was a bit too much for a couple of sandwiches.

The sandwiches were ok, I wouldn’t order them again. I might try chicken next time, but so far I’m not that impressed with this place to be honest. What struck me as totally shocking was our side orders.

  • The Jalapeno poppers were exactly three small pieces, costing one KD. That’s more than a $ a piece. I put in the ketchup packet for size comparison, to show you how small the pieces were.
  • The onion rings were also very disappointing. The rings were very small in diameter, tasted totally frozen\fried, and were also expensive. They too costed one KD.

Like I said, I wouldn’t order from this place again. The steak sandwich tasted very bland, not the meat nor the cheese has any distinctive taste. And for this bill price, I could order me four perfect cheese steak sandwiches from Bredz.

Lady Gaga’s new single comes out next month

Lady Gaga just announced that her new album is coming out in May, and that her new single is coming next month. The album will be released on May 23d, while the single will be released much earlier on Feb 13th.

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