Goldman Sachs valued Facebook at $50 Billion

I love talking about business, no doubt about that. But even I couldn’t believe the figures on this deal

  • Goldman Sachs just invested $500 million in Facebook ($450 from its own money, and $50 from a Russian investor).
  • At this investment price, Goldman valued Facebook at $50 billion.
  • Goldman did the same thing with Ford Motors back in the 50’s, and have benefited hugely from that deal.
  • Goldman invested $135 Million in Ralph Lauren, in a deal that valued RL at $480 Million back in ’93.
  • Ralph Lauren is now worth $8 Billion.

Wow, Facebook is worth $50 Billion? WoW!


2010’s top 10 songs

This is a 2 minute medley of the last year’s top 10 songs. Neither Rihanna nor Beyonce was on the list. Interestingly enough, Taoi Cruz had 2 top 10 hits.

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128 GB memory card

Lexar is introducing a 64 & a 128 GB memory cards for $500 and $700 respectively, starting from the end of this quarter.

Realistic Facebook relationship statuses

Lol at the no GF\BF since birth, mesakeen, lol.

Technological changes between 2000-2010

I was amazed to see how technology trends changed in the past decade, how Cell phone & internet use changed so much. It would be nice to predict the next technological trends, that would get you super rich in a heartbeat!

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Thousands of black birds drop dead from the sky

Thousands and thousands of beautiful red-winged black birds fell dead from the skies in Arkansas, on New Year’s day. No one knows why this happened, but they think it’s weather related. Such a sad thing to happen to these beautiful birds.

You can read more about it over at BBC, Sky News, and Yahoo.

Funny war on iPhone

This is a funny video of how the other phones started a war on the iPhone, and is dubbed in a cute Saudi accent.

Guy videos his own car accident

Reckless driving at its worst.  Drive safely everyone.

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