Goldman Sachs valued Facebook at $50 Billion

I love talking about business, no doubt about that. But even I couldn’t believe the figures on this deal

  • Goldman Sachs just invested $500 million in Facebook ($450 from its own money, and $50 from a Russian investor).
  • At this investment price, Goldman valued Facebook at $50 billion.
  • Goldman did the same thing with Ford Motors back in the 50’s, and have benefited hugely from that deal.
  • Goldman invested $135 Million in Ralph Lauren, in a deal that valued RL at $480 Million back in ’93.
  • Ralph Lauren is now worth $8 Billion.

Wow, Facebook is worth $50 Billion? WoW!


4 Responses to Goldman Sachs valued Facebook at $50 Billion

  1. Kaifan5 says:

    Facebook now bigger than Google … and soon every body will go to facebook to get all the information they need.
    By the way if you like reading about business …. check out this web site you going to like it

    • buzfairy says:

      The news said that Facebook now is bigger than Yahoo and Google and many more companies. I used to be a Facebook fan till a few months ago. It just became very confusing with changing privacy settings, which allowed people I didn’t want to look at my pics and info.

      And since I’ve had the blog, I’ve hated Facebook. It’s not allowing me to have my own thing there. I’ve tried it, then just deleted it after a few weeks, because that wasn’t the profile I wanted.

      I already checked out the site you gave me. I got jiggedy jiggedy happy with it :)… It wants me to sign up. If I do, will the summaries be for free? And do you know what format the summaries are in?

      Thank you sooo much for this awesome site 😀

      • Kaifan5 says:

        multiple formats: PDF, Audio, iPhone, Kindle, BlackBerry, Palm … enjoy 🙂
        Ps. I have MP3 audio summaries from the … let me know if you’re interested and I will email them to you.

      • buzfairy says:

        Are they all free? I just a few books, and I wud love to read their short summaries 🙂

        Again, thx for the link, it was very helpful and useful one 🙂

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