2011 Horoscopes

A dear reader, Noni, passed me this site about 2011 horoscopes. I thought it was cute and easy to read. Have a go at it, check out what the year holds for you. And remember, always stay positive!

Click here to know your future.


A happy face in alwatan newspaper

So cool to see the yellow happy face on the front page of alocal newspaper. Inshalla doum.

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7abeebti Garouh

The lovely and beloved Garouh Island will be the place where our Kuwaiti national celebrations for our Golden Jubilee starts.

Garouh has a very special heart in every Kuwaiti’s heart, as it was the first place in Kuwait to be liberated from the Iraqi invasion in Jan 1991, a whole month before the whole of Kuwait became free.

I hope I can go there and watch the Kuwaiti flag raise live.

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Sambosa at the Burger Hub

I just noticed that The Burger Hub offers sambosa.

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Funny ceiling fan

Sudanese sports channel

I love how little effort Sudanese people put in anything, you got to love their laid back style.

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Tom Ford Spring\Summer 2011 womenswear with Beyonce

Check Beyonce on the catwalk, starting from minute 2, with Tom Ford all smiles and giggles over her.

Kid runs away and leaves note, funny

It reminded me of something I posted before:

Kids these days, so impatient and ready to fight, lol.