My dinner at Sha66a w Da22a in Mubarakiya

Like I said in my previous post, I went to Mubarakiya for dinner tonight. We were in the area, so we decided to eat there. I’ve only been there once before, like 7-8 years ago, and I had fond memories of the place back then.

Anyways, we wanted to go to Dalag Sehail, which is famous and really good. But we decided on another place called Sha66a w Da22a (the one on the right in the above pic), to get away from the chilly wind. All the restaurants in that area serve the same food, and they all smelled lovely.

We picked Sha66a w Da22a, because we wanted a good Koshari. We also ordered Iranian Kabab, Lamp chops, Mutabal, Garlic, 3arayes, fries, and some 7amsa thingi. We also had a couple of desserts and tea at the end, Muhalabiya and roz Bil laban.

The Koshari was very very good, especially with the chili and lemon sauces. The Kabab and chops were also very good, the 3arayes were as good as you get in proper restaurants, and the fries was fresh, and it tasted great when dipped in the garlic sauce. The only two things I didn’t like that much were the 7amsa and the muttabal. They were good, but all of the other foods tasted great, so they kind of fell short on taste in comparison.

Our total bill for all this food, with comes with two sides of Rocca, fresh onions and lemon was KD 10.250. And that’s with a couple of sodas and tea. The place definitely is worth your visit. It’s both cheap and tasty, and has a wide mix of various kinds of people.

I’m glad to say that it was a nice fun night.


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Lost’s lottery numbers wins REAL mega $355 Million pot

Hurley’s loto winning numbers from the TV show Lost (Hurley’s winning numbers)were the same numbers that won the $355 Million mega lottery in the States.

Wow, how lucky were they? Only two numbers are different, but all the rest are there AND in the same order, especially the mega loto number 42! Wow!

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Dinner at Mubarakiya

Update: Full review is here.

I’m having dinner with friends in Mubarakiya markets. I haven’t been here since atleast ’03 or ’04.

Needless to say, my dinner was goooood.

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The secret session has begun و بدت الجلسة السرية

Todays’ losing heroes أبطال اليوم و ان خسروا

بس حبيت أذكركم قبل جلسة اليوم ليش الاستجواب ضروري، الفيديو فيه خوش شرح لأهمية الاستجواب

طبعا الابطال الي اقصدهم اهم العنجري و الغانم و العوضي و البراك و الصرعاوي و السعدون…. و كل من النواب الي بيصوتون اليوم ضد اهانة الناس

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Custom make your own pair of jeans


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