Big draw for Zain’s Ferrari is tonight at 7 in 360 mall

Since we lost the Gulf bank draw a couple of nights ago, my only hope now lies with Zain’s Ferrari draw. Besmellah w inshalla a77ad mennah eyfooz.

Picture taken from Bananaq8’s blog.


Snooki gets spooked on the Ellen show

Our little Snooki has a really loud shriek.

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Interview with Hassan Jowhar on Al-Rai TV tonight at 9.30

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First pics of Blackberry’s Playbook

For a summary review of the Blackberry Playbook, check my previous post for the details.

Watch the Asian cup games on iPad and iPod

Get the link from here.

Hassan Jowhar البطل حسن جوهر

للي يبي يعرف أهمية تصويت جوهر مع عدم التعاون لازم يفهم انه فعلا ضاف بصمة تاريخية للتصويت… اهو الشيعي الوحيد الي مع عدم التعاون، بدونه شان كان الموضوع سني طائفي بحت

عسى انشاءالله موقفه مايضر بسمعته عند جماعته  و قواعده الانتخابية

الخبرين مؤخوذين من جريدة الراي

A picture is worth a thousand words الله يا انا ودي أشوف هالصورة

From Al-Rai newspaper.

Smaller man beats giant in a Kickboxing game

The smaller wrestler (Cro Cop) had no freaking way to beat this huge giant (Bob Sapp). But he did manage to get a lucky punch in, and that single punch brought down the giant. Main reason is that the giant’s orbital bone (eye bone) broke, which of course is tremendously painful, and can bring down even a giant to his knees.