Mixing my iPod playlist for Chale tomorrow

I just spent the last hour fixing a new playlist for Chale tomorrow. I’m in the mood of jamming and bamming, winding up a sandstorm on the beach. I only have one little problem, I can’t get this song out of my head. I can’t help it, my shoulders do a little uncontrollable jolting whenever I hear it. Listen to it yourselves, and tell me if you vibrate too.

I’m no loft965 (only the biggest music blog in the ME), but here are some of my bad-ass picks for tomorrow:

Bumpy ride by Mohombi, raise your glass by P!nk, take it off by Ke$ha, a couple of Rihannas (love the way you lie and what’s my name), omg by Usher, a couple of Katy Perrys (fireworks and cali girlz), the time by Black eyed Peas, ridin’ solo by Jason Durelo, and I like it by Iglesias. There are a few more, but I didn’t want to bore you.



3 Responses to Mixing my iPod playlist for Chale tomorrow

  1. GH says:

    That’s a Fun playlist, how about u upload them so we can download them ? My playlists need major updating

    • buzfairy says:

      Thx :)… I was looking for fast beat easy songs.

      If you’re looking for playlists out of the ordinary, check out loft965, he uploads a new playlist every month.

      This playlist I made for me is super simple compared to loft965’s amazing compilations. I really don’t know how to uplaod my playlist. If I do, I’ll email and tell you 🙂

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