A very lucky Basketball shot


History in the making today: Southern Sudan

Sudan might be split into two countries today. A vote on a referendum of separation of Southern Sudan will take place today. If they people of Southern Sudan agree, then it means the birth of a new Arab country.

One of the main reasons behind the separation is the constant wars and conflicts between the North & South of Sudan, mainly due to religious and economic factors. While the North has an Islamic majority and is run by an Islamic governmemnt, the South is full of Christians and other non-arahamic non-monotheistic religions. These extreme tensions have led to various wars, which has turned the South into a huge mine field and into one of the poorest regions in the world.


Very unusual games for the XBox Kinect

Via Dorkly.

World cup 2022 Qatar will be held during winter

From The Telegraph newspaper

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Homeless man with Golden voice works on Kraft commercial

The homeless man with the golden voice managed to get his first TV commercial, for Kraft’s Mac & Cheese no less. It’s amazing how Ted Williams went from a homeless man just a week ago, to a paid man doing work for one of the largest food companies in the world.

Here’s is a behind the scenes video of him shooting the Kraft commercial, you can see that he’s very grateful.

Watch animals get drunk from alcohol-laced fruit in Africa

Start watching from minute 1.20 to get a good laugh, the animals start getting really wasted.

I hope my dancing is nothing like this lady’s

An Irish contestant called Happiness doing her dance in “Got to Dance” auditions.

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Kim Kardashian’s collagen lips

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