Get a 10″ Acer laptop for just Kd 70

This 10″ netbook comes with windows 7, wifi, a 250 HD, a card reader, 3 USBs, webcam, and bluetooth; all for just KD 70. This is damn cheap.

I could get this tiny laptop to take with me when I’m off on short vacations or having coffee in cafes in early mornings, when all I need is to check emails, transfer pictures, or blog.

My main problem with the iPad is blogging with pictures, it’s terrible in that. But now I can easily do this with acer’s built-in card reader, along with the wifi and bluetooth. I was seriously thinking of getting an 11″ MacAir from the states just for when I need to go online and don’t want to use the iPad.

Anyways, the ad shows windows 7, and I sincerely hope it does come with it. Otherwise, the price won’t be that attractive after you add the expensive OS.


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