Lost in translation

This is actually pretty funny.

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8 Responses to Lost in translation

  1. Om Totta says:

    لازم نجربه و نحكم فريش فيش ولا فيش فريش

  2. GH says:

    It’s probably an old photo Wla they don’t add the new” 2 ” on their number

    In general I find it confusing when they translate English names literally or when they just chose to copy the pronunciations ! I just don’t like the sound of it فرش فش؟ that’s not Arabic! I know some names would turn out funny but still a7san men فرش فش

  3. Om Totta says:

    و ما ضافو الرقم الثامن ٢٥٣،،،،

  4. Nivine says:


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