Ricky Martin’s new music video with a mo7ajaba lady

“The Best thing About Me is You” is Ricky Martin’s latest music video, and it looks very political. It starts with a lady in 7ijab, which caught my attention. I watched the whole video hoping to know what was her story.

I don’t really know what I think of the song so far. It’s an easy listen with a happy beat to it, but it doesn’t sound like Ricky at all. There’s nothing wrong with the song, but it’s very simple in tunes and in lyrics.

However, in the end, it’s a very politically positive and pro-peace video, and that just might be it’s ticket to the top charts.


10 Responses to Ricky Martin’s new music video with a mo7ajaba lady

  1. i dont think its more political than what he’s tryin to defense *gay rights* after he reveals that he’s gay .

    • buzfairy says:

      I thought it was gay at first, but it’s wasn’t. At least not that much.

      The video has a lot to do with interracial love, different religion coupling, and peace.

      The mo7ajaba got my attention very quick, she’s in the vid from second #1. It was to see her pictured in a positive light 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

  2. ims85 says:

    Its very far from ploitical issues, its more about sexual, he meant it dosent matter if ur a homosexua, guy with a guy or girl with a girl.

    After admitting that he is homosexual he started to tell the world thats its fine what ever you are, dont be afriad of whom u are, and as u know its against many cultures, especially the Islamic culture.

    Also in not being racist by putting a lady wearing Hijab, that love peace each other people!

    In my opinion I think if he didnt add the homosexual part it would be great video clip!

    • buzfairy says:

      I know he’s gay, and the vid does have some gay ppl… But I don’t see that much gay interaction in it…

      I do wish he would’ve done another song. I love his beats and vibs, always upbeat.

      I hope the album comes out soon 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

  3. noon says:

    i like the song bas killllish ma tlog 3ala ricky 😛
    o aham shay b3d ilmet7ajba 7a6aw gays and lesbians 😛 no offence

    • buzfairy says:

      Yeah, the song doesn’t sound like him. I don’t know etha elm7ajeba took offense, but I don’t think so, coz she’s in the vid 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

      • noon says:

        what if shes not really mit7ajba?

      • buzfairy says:

        I don’t know.

        But it was smart putting her right in the front like that, and u don’t see her again till the end. That’s how they got me to watch the whole of it.

        The song is too lovey dovey happy for my taste though 😦

  4. ims85 says:

    Come on guys shes not met7jba shes model and wearing 7ejab 😀

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