Demi Moore’s kid is a model now

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Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ have three daughters, and one of them has to decided to become a model.

This is Rumer Willis’ first attempt at modeling, she’s doing a shoot for Badgley Mischka.I think the only reason she’s even being considered for modeling jobs is who her parents are.

In terms of modeling skills, there are a lot of other prettier models of there. Plus, her face is just too wrong for modeling. We’ll just have to wait and see if she can get other modeling jobs.


Golden voice is going to rehab

I so totally told you he would. Right from the beginning. An alcoholic and a drug addict, with 20 years worth of homelessness experience, has no where to go but hit the booze and drugs the minute he lays his hands on a penny. And oh boy, Ted Williams sure did that.

While he was on his 15 minutes (more like 2 weeks) of fame, he was getting cozy with the bottle again. This ain’t a surprise, this is what alcoholics do. Watch the video for a he said\she said tale between Ted and his daughter.

Anyways, Dr. Phil has asked him to check into a drug\alcohol rehab center.