Lipton Ice Tea featuring Ozzy Osbourne


Ke$ha’s latest single with Andre 3000

Sleazy is Ke$ha’s latest single Sleazy, which she made with Andre 3000.

Funny intro to the Golden Globes

Rickey Gervaise made fun of Angelina Jolie, the Tourist, Sex and the City, and of a lot more people and movies. And he totally nailed it, he was super funny and hilarious.

Guys fight on Love Street

Sorry the video sucks, but the guys were in my face, I couldn’t drive and shoot nicely at the same time.

Protests in Oman

I got these pictures vis BBM. It looks like Omanis are protesting against rising costs and for higher salaries.

Starbucks’s Trenta super large size

Oh my my, the might huge Starbucks Trenta.