Cordoba, Andalusia… Love Land of Wallada & Ibn Zaydoun

Walladah Bint Al-Mostakfi was one of the most talented Andalusian and Arab women poets. She was a princess of Banu Ommaya whom reigned over the Islamic Empire, including Andalusia, in the middle ages.

She is most famously known for the love poems she and her lover, Ibn Zaydoun, wrote to each other. One of her most famous poems to him starts with:

أغار عليك من نظري ومني …………. ومنك ومن ومكانك والزمان
ولو وضعتك في عيوني …………….. دواماً ماسئمت من التداني
ولو واصلتني في كل يوم …………… إلى يوم القيامة ماكفاني

To which Ibn Zaydoun responded with this:

أضحى التنائي بديلاً من تدانينا وناب عن طيب لقيانا تجافينا

بنتم وبنا فما ابتلت جوانحنا شوقا إليكم ولا جفت مآقينا

يكاد حين تناجيكم ضمائرنا يقضي علينا الأسى لولا تأسينا

حالت لبعدكم أيامنا فغدت سودا وكانت بكم بيضا ليالينا

Walladah lived in Cordoba (Andalusia, Spain) from 994 to 1091. She & Ibn Zaydoun were so important in Andalusian culture, that Spain made statue of her and Ibn Zaydoun holding hands, with quotes of Walladah & Ibn Zaydoun’s more famous verses.

I’m not much of a poetry reader. And I can honestly say that in most cases, I have no clue what they’re talking about. But going through Spain, especially the Andalusian areas of Cordoba, Syville, and Granada with this kind of heritage and history would be amazing to do.

That’s why Spain is my next trip destination. Just wish me luck in finding this beautiful statue of theses two great poets.

The pictures are taken from: Syrian Diplomat to America blog, post idea was inspired by New Vision’s post about Walladah.


2 Responses to Cordoba, Andalusia… Love Land of Wallada & Ibn Zaydoun

  1. 0new0vision0 says:

    OMG , i posted her poetry sang by a7mad al6weela.
    their love story was sweet

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