The Fantastic Three: Torch is Dead

After 50 years, Marvel kills the Human Torch.


Nasheed elKwait elwa6ani

Tomorrow morning at 8.30, every student in Kuwait will sing our national anthem.

It seems that the majority of students don’t even know what our anthem is, aside from the 1st famous verse.

I haven’t read it in ages either, and I felt it would be good to posted it here for everyone else to see too.

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Good Morning America’s reaction to Oprah’s half sister

I leave the reactions to you, to whether Oprah is truly shocked to discover she had a half sister or that she just kept the juicy secret as an appetizer for her final season. Of course, Good Morning America had their own opinion on the matter.

How to extract MP3 songs from youtube videos in one easy step

All you have to do is enter the song’s youtube url address onto this site, then download the MP3 file. It takes a few seconds, and is that easy. This is great for new songs, where no music video is actually made, and you’re stuck with the uploader’s own picture compilation.

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Join Ahmadi in Celebrating our National Day this Weekend

Ahamdi is starting our national celebrations this weekend with a full 3-day program, from Jan 25-28.