Coffee Republic’s Home Delivery

Someone close to me knew I wasn’t in the mood of going out today, so they ordered me a Frappuccino to make me happy.

Two Frappuccinos were delivered to my house from Coffee Republic, one Mocca and one Kinder. They both got here icy and cold, and super yummy. My order was the Mocca Frappa, which tasted of strong coffee and strong chocolate, just the way I like it.

Thank you so much my secret someone.


Ask President Obama on Youtube

People probably know  about this already, but it looks so damn funny on my youtube page.

Qatar wants to buy Manchester United for $2.37 billion

Qatar Investments made an offer to buy Manchester United for £1.5 Billion (or $2.37 Billion).

This comes after Qatar Foundation sponsored Barcelona’s jerseys for $225 2 months ago.

Jeddah Flood Rain Videos

Watch how the cars are flooting like toys in Jeddah’s heavy rain.

The road in this video turned into one huge muddy river.

This one shows how the rain is heavy, how the wipers are working at full speed, and how the cars are barely able to move in the streets.

Jeddah’s Devastating Flood Rains

This is what Cornich Jeddah looks like at this moment. It looks like the sea took over the cornich, I really can’t believe this was done by just rain alone.

Jeddah was unable to manage today’s flood rains at all, roads to and from jeddah have been closed, hospitals have been put on high alert, and people in the streets have been directed to malls (which are acting like emergency centers).

Check out the scary videos here and here.

Taken from Saudi New Vision’s blog.

Al-Rai interviews the Interior Minister tomorrow وزير الداخلية على الراي باكر

This looks like a very interesting interview, not to be missed in my opinion.